Challenging Homophobia
Teaching about Sexual Diversity

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Published: October 2007  

Publisher: Trentham Books
204 pp., 6 1/4" x 9 1/4"
* With a Foreword by Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate and Archbishop emeritus
* Valuable combination of psychological insights and practical suggestions for better educational practice

Challenging Homophobia brings together accounts of how educators in various national and cultural contexts are dealing with prejudice, discrimination, stereotyping and sometimes overt violence against sexual minorities--particularly lesbian and gay youth and adults.

The contributors emphasize the importance of changing the prejudicial attitudes of people who believe that their homophobic views on sexuality are morally superior. The book provides a valuable combination of reflections on the underlying psychological and social processes and suggestions for better educational practice, including tested lesson plans and inspiring resources for challenging the social ill of homophobia. With its insights into the effective and creative methods developed in nine different countries to address homophobia, this book is essential for educators, students, and administrators.

The contributors are: Lutz van Dijk (South Africa); Barry van Driel (Belgium); Elisabeth Atkinson and Renee DePalma; Debbie Epstein and Sarah O’Flynn (UK); Dawn Betteridge, Lutz van Dijk (South Africa); Peter Dankmeijer (The Netherlands); Melinda L. de Jesus and Michele Kahn (US); Darren Lund (Canada); Stefan Timmermanns (Germany); Krzysztof Zablocki (Poland).

Table of Contents:
Foreword—Desmond Mpilo Tutu; Introduction—Lutz van Dijk and Barry van Driel; About the Authors; PART I: CHALLENGING HOMOPHOBIA IN PRIMARY AND SECONDARY SCHOOLS: 1) Starting Global Collaboration in Education About Sexual Diversity—Peter Dankmeijer; 2) Deconstructing Heteronormativity in Primary Schools in England: Cultural Approaches to a Cultural Phenomenon—Renée DePalma and Mark Jennett; 3) Confronting Homophobia Attitudes Among Traditional Muslim Youth in Europe—Barry van Driel; 4) Dealing with Diversity in Education and Counselling: Lesbians and Gays in German Schools—Stefan Timmermanns; PART 2 BEYOND SCHOOLS: FROM SUPPORT GROUPS TO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO UNIVERSITY SETTINGS: 5) Educating About Sexual and Affective Diversity in Spain: The Challenge of Turning Legal Equality into Actual Equality—Jesús Generelo; 6) Confronting Homophobia in UK Schools: Taking a Back Seat to Multicultural and Antiracist Education—Debbie Epstein, Roger Hewitt, Diana Leonard; Melanie Mauthner and Chris Watkins; 7) The Only Country on the Continent: Realising Constitutional Rights in South African Schools—Dawn Betteridge and Lutz van Dijk; 8) Challenging Homophobia in Conservative Canada: Forming Alberta’s First Gay/Straight Alliance—Darren E. Lund; 9) Governing Bodies in Texas: Talking About LGBT Issues in the Christian Heterosexual Matrix—Michele Kahn; 10) The Challenge of the White Male Heterosexual: Dealing With Resistance to Queer Studies in the Ethnic Studies Classroom—Melinda L. De Jesús; 11) Surviving “Under Pressure: Working for ‘Days of Tolerance’ in Poland—Krzysztof Zablocki; PART 3: EXAMPLES OF BEST PRACTICE; References; Educational Support Websites; Index.

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Reviews & Endorsements:
"Challenging Homophobia: Teaching about Sexual Diversity is a must-read text for any instructor, throughout the world, who is interested in eradicating homophobia in their school system. The book includes a plethora of resources, from grassroots organizations and sexual diversity curriculums to websites and documentaries. The final section of the book also highlights seven examples of best practices that can be taught to students in a variety of grade levels."

- Feminist Review