Family Jigsaws
Grandmothers as the Missing Piece Shaping Bilingual Children's Learner Identities

Foreword by Eve Gregory
Paper: 978-1-85856-783-9 / $34.95
Published: June 2017  

Publisher: Trentham Books
160 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/5"
This exciting ethnographic study spotlights the multiple identities of three third generation British-born Bangladeshi children in London's East End as they learn with their teachers, mothers and grandmothers.

The book reveals for the first time the remarkable ability of young bilingual children to compartmentalize their learning and become flexible learners. It is the first to show how it is children's interactions with their grandmothers -- who often speak no English -- that most powerfully enhance and extend their educational and cultural experiences. Teachers and teacher educators take heed: these new insights have profound implications for policy, classroom practice and pedagogy.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Eve Gregory
1. Setting the foundation
2. Intergenerational learning
3. The participants
4. Exploring intergenerational learning between children and their teachers
5. Exploring intergenerational learning between children and their mothers
6. Exploring intergenerational learning between children and their grandmothers
7. Learner flexibility and what this implies

Reviews & Endorsements:
"Thought-provoking and insightful information for grandparents and those interested in parenting and inter-generational relationships. This work will help build bridges between all those involved in raising multilingual children."
- Dr. Muhhamad Abdul Bari, educationalist, author and parenting consultant
"A many-layered exploration and celebration of the special role and value of grandmothers for children as they grow and learn."
- Susan LAngford MBE, Director, Magic Me