Movement Environment Rating Scale (MOVERS) for 2–6-year-olds Provision
Improving physical development through movement and physical activity

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Published: March 2017  

Publisher: Trentham Books
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Physical development is a key component of the curriculum in the great majority of countries. But so far there has been no valid means of assessing the quality of the child’s physical experience or the pedagogy and environmental quality of those physical experiences.

The Movement Environment Rating Scale (MOVERS) is a new method of measuring the quality of environment and pedagogy in which young children are encouraged to move and be physically active. It applies the methodology used in the ECERS-E and SSTEW rating scales, making it easy for educators already familiar with these well-established scales to adopt.

MOVERS has four sub-scales:
* Curriculum, environment and resources for physical development
* Pedagogy for physical development
* Supporting physical activity and critical thinking
* Parents/carers and staff

MOVERS is an invaluable tool for research, self-evaluation and improvement, audit, and regulation.

Table of Contents:
Foreword by Professor Anthony Okely
Introduction to the Movement Environment Rating Scale (MOVERS)
Rationale for the development of the MOVERS scale
Support materials to aid understanding of physical development and movement
Preparing to use the MOVERS scale
Sub-scale 1: Curriculum, environment and resources for physical development
Sub-scale 2: Pedagogy for physical development
Sub-scale 3: Supporting physical activity and critical thinking
Sub-scale 4: Parents/carers and staff
The MOVERS score sheet
Joint observation/inter-rater reliability for the MOVERS
MOVERS profile

Reviews & Endorsements:
"MOVERS is a great leap forward in consolidating and organizing some of the cutting edge techniques and insights that are increasingly seen as important in helping children grow to their potential. This product of the work of Carol Archer and Iram Siraj over many years of solid research, study and observation will be deeply useful and critical for teachers, care-givers, and all who care for children. We can only hope that the book gains popularity not only in the UK, but around the world. It is so needed."
- Bette Lamont, Developmental Movement Consultant, Seattle
"MOVERS is an excellent tool for assessing quality in the support of young children’s physical well-being. It is scholarly, practical and helpful: I recommend it highly."
- Sandra Mathers, Department of Education, University of Oxford