Inclusive Educational Practice in Europe
Psychological Perspectives

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Published: August 2017  

Publisher: Trentham Books
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The inclusion of all children in the educational system still poses challenges, and psychologists have long been researching and facilitating effective practice with children who don’t adjust readily to school. This book collates the findings and practice of psychologists working in schools and educational settings in 13 European states, and will be essential reading for school psychologists, teachers and school leaders.

The authors present enlightening first-hand and up-to-date accounts of the debates, tensions and successes that concern this four-decade-long international movement to keep children in education. Each chapter opens with a table of key facts relating to inclusion in that country, to enable comparison. All are by leading practitioners, who represent their countries in the European Federation of Psychological Associations (EFPA) through the Standing Committee of Psychologists in Education.

Table of Contents:
Introduction by Christopher Arnold
1. Austria by Luise Hollerer and Elfriede Amtmann
2. Czech Republic by Bohumíra Lazarová
3. Denmark by Poul Skaarup Jensen
4. France by Daniel Mellier and Francine Corman
5. Germany by Klaus Seifried
6. Ireland by Jacqueline Horan
7. Italy by Paola Perucchini and Arianna Bello
8. Lithuania by Ala Petrulyte
9. The Netherlands by Margreet Versteeg
10. Portugal by Sara Bahia
11. Slovakia by Eva Gajdošová, Veronika Bisaki and Silvia Sodomová
12. Sweden by Malin Öhman and Elinor Schad
13. United Kingdom by Dave Traxson

Reviews & Endorsements:
"There is renewed interest and excitement about educational inclusion, stemming from its many proven benefits to children and young people – social, emotional, spiritual, practical and economic. This collection is a timely reflection by psychologists working with school students in different national systems. Their focus on the practical application of psychology for the promotion of successful inclusive practice makes the book a valuable resource for educationalists across Europe and beyond."
- Dr Brian Apter, Chair, British Psychological Society's Division of Educational and Child Psychology
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