Speaking Out Against Racism in the University Space

Paper: 978 1 85856 869 0 / $32.95
Published: July 2018  

Publisher: Trentham Books
148 pp., 6 1/8" x 9 1/5"
This book yields new and valuable insights into race and racism in higher education institutions. The powerful combination of accounts by minoritized students of their experiences and views, the frame of analysis based on Critical Race Theory, and the personal affinity and empathy of the author with her students, reveal the institutionalized structures, bigoted opinions and insidious discrimination that prevail.

Yet universities should be challenging such racism, particularly when it is rising and spreading. The book shows how they can examine their staff and student recruitment, investigate their teaching methods and policies, and decolonize their curricula. How we listen to the student voice, and the spaces the university provides for minoritized students to speak freely, are the first steps to making institutions of higher education truly inclusive - the domain of social justice.

Table of Contents:
Foreword, by Farzana Shain
Introduction: Hear them out!

1. Higher education and the race debate
2. Outsiders within
3. Intersectionality - the impact of race and gender on students’ lives
4. Is it cos of my colour?
5. Being and belonging
6. Battlefields of knowing - racism from the inside
7. Sounding out the silences
8. Now you know about racism, what are you going to do about it?
9. What is the point of building antiracism?

Reviews & Endorsements:
"Housee brings her deep-rooted wisdom and experience as a teacher and scholar to the much-vexed questions of rampant racism and Islamophobia in higher education. By allowing her black and minority students to speak truth to power Housee gently guides us to the answers, showing us what decolonising pedagogy and antiracist practice really means. This powerful and inspirational book brings much needed light, clarity and care to a sector in crisis."
- Heidi Safia Mirza, Professor Race, Faith and Culture, Goldsmith’s College, University of London
"Universities generally see themselves as bastions of high standards and meritocratic ideals; in Speaking Out against Racism in the University Space, Shirin Housee explodes this comfortable myth and exposes the racist reality that routinely shapes higher education for many young people. Importantly, the book adopts an intersectional approach that examines how a range of issues (including racism, sexism, social class and Islamophobia) combine in complex and hugely destructive ways."
- David Gillborn, Director, Centre for Research in Race & Education (CRRE), University of Birmingham