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Trentham Books, an imprint of IOE Press, is at the leading edge of education and social justice. It publishes groundbreaking books and develops educational provision for bilinguals, refugee children, and other minorities, and challenges bigotry and discrimination in schools and society.Trentham was founded in 1982 by educationalists Professor John Eggleston and Dr Gillian Klein. Gillian continues as the Publisher of Trentham Books, securing the legacy of this unique and valued imprint.
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Institutional Racism in the Academy Andrew Pilkington
"Institutional Racism in the Academy: A case study, does contain a few implicative resources for Higher Education administrators, teachers, students, community stakeholders, and the larger public. Pilkington provides an introductory understanding of how political relationships, born out of policy,
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- NACADA Journal (National Academic Advising Association)
Challenging Homophobia Lutz van Dijk, Barry Van Driel
"Challenging Homophobia: Teaching about Sexual Diversity is a must-read text for any instructor, throughout the world, who is interested in eradicating homophobia in their school system. The book includes a plethora of resources, from grassroots organizations and sexual diversity curriculums to websites
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- Feminist Review