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Trentham Books, an imprint of IOE Press, is at the leading edge of education and social justice. It publishes groundbreaking books and develops educational provision for bilinguals, refugee children, and other minorities, and challenges bigotry and discrimination in schools and society.Trentham was founded in 1982 by educationalists Professor John Eggleston and Dr Gillian Klein. Gillian continues as the Publisher of Trentham Books, securing the legacy of this unique and valued imprint.
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Muslim Mothers and their Children's Schooling Suma Din
"This groundbreaking book gives us a rare and compelling insight into the views of Muslim mothers about their children's education at a time when there is a paucity of research in this area. It is an essential read for all professionals who work in education and wish to understand better the needs of
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- Sameena Choudry, Founder of Equitable Education
Juggling Higher Education Study and Family Life Louise Webber
"This short yet rich book is easily accessible and avoids jargon. The inspirational voices of the case studies illuminate the power of education to transform learners lives and their communities."

- Dr. Vicky Duckworth